Powerful Control Panel

Lots of features and options
An advanced Control Panel where you can personalize all aspects of your website - change settings, edit design templates, or manage categories and posts.

Post editing options

Save time - update posts quickly and easily straight from the Control Panel.

Website pages

Create new pages and edit the existing ones at any time.

Well-thought-out navigation

The navigation of the Control Panel is intuitive and consistent. Breadcrumbs will always help you find the way around the sections and bring you back to a higher-level page.

Code editor

A modern template code editor with quick access to the system codes and syntax highlighting.


Display brief and up to date information about modules activity on a main page.

Visual bookmarks

Quick access to the most popular sections: add any page to Favorites to have it displayed on the Control Panel's main page.

Users group permissions

Adjust the access permissions within the website for different user groups.

Fields management

Rename fields for the new post form, change their order and number in just several clicks.
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